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Magnus I.
"The Pious"

Duke of Brunswick - Wolfenbüttel (1345-1369)

Otto the Mild (1292-1344), Magnus I. the Pious (1304-1369) and Ernst (1305-1367) succeeded their father, Albrecht II. the Fat (1268-1318).  When Otto died childless in 1344, Magnus I. and Ernst divided the inheritance again.  Magnus I. received the realm of Brunswick - Wolfenbüttel and Ernst received the realm of Oberwald with the cities of Göttingen, Münden, Ulsar, and Dransfeld.  Duke Ernst consequently carried on the Göttingen line, which died out in 1463 with the death of Otto the One-Eyed.  All other estates were administered jointly by the two brothers.  Duke Magnus I. took over the rule in Brunswick - Wolfenbüttel in 1345.  The reign of the duke was defined above all by numerous feuds in the realm.  At the same time his generous donations to the monasteries diminished, so that he saw himself forced to sell princely possessions.  He sold the city of Brunswick jurisdiction and minting rights, and at the same time he guaranteed the city freedom from tribute in return for its oath of allegiance.  In the entire realm there was the aspiration of the cities to observe, they received new rights and freed themselves more and more from the power of their sovereign.

--Adapted from the website, Die Welfen


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