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Joseph I.

Holy Roman Emperor (1705-1711)

Joseph I. was the elder son of emperor Leopold I. (1640-1705) and his third wife, Eleanora, countess palatine, daughter of Philip William of Neuburg, elector palatine of the Rhine.  Joseph was born on the 26th of July 1678.  He became king of Hungary in 1687 and was elected king of the Romans in 1690.  In 1699 he married Wilhelmine Amalie (1673-1742), the daughter of duke Johann Friedrich (1625-1679) of Brunswick - Lüneburg, by whom he had two daughters.  With the outbreak of the War of the Spanish Succession he saw his only military service and joined the imperial general Louis of Baden in the siege of Landau.

Joseph succeeded his father as emperor in 1705 and died of small-pox on the 17th of April 1711.  He was succeeded as emperor by his younger brother Karl VI. (1685-1740).


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