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Sophie (Sophia) Dorothea

Hereditary Princess of Brunswick - Lüneburg - Calenberg (Hanover)
Electoral Princess of Brunswick - Lüneburg (1698)
Electress of Brandenburg (1713)
Queen Consort of Prussia (1713-1740)

Sophie Dorothea was the only legitimate daughter of Georg Ludwig (1660-1727, later (1714) King of Great Britain, by his first cousin, Sophie Dorothea (1666-1726), princess of Brunswick - Lüneburg - Celle.  After her parents' divorce, Sophie Dorothea was separated from her mother, who was imprisoned at the family castle at Ahlden (Celle), and raised at the Hanoverian court.  In 1706 Sophie Dorothea married Friedrich Wilhelm (1688-1740), later (1713) elector of Brandenburg and king of Prussia.  They were the parents of Friedrich II. the Great (1712-1786.


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