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(d. ca. 863)

Count in Schussengau

Konrad was the son of Welf (d. ca. 825), who is the first clearly discernible ancestor of the Welf dynasty.  Konrad's sisters Judith and Hemma married, respectively, the Frankish Emperor Ludwig I. the Pious (d. 840) and Ludwig the German (d. 876), and with these marriages began the social and political ascent of the Welfs in the Empire.  These royal connections turned the Welfs into the most influential family in southern Germany.  Konrad's sons, Konrad (d. ca. 876) and Welf I. (d. before 876), were the founders, respectively, of the Burgundian and Swabian (south German) lines of the "Elder House of Welf."

--Adapted from the website, Die Welfen


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