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Christian Ludwig
(Christian Louis)

Duke of Brunswick - Lüneburg - Calenburg (Hanover) (1644-1648)
Duke of Brunswick - Lüneburg - Celle (1648-1665)

Christian Ludwig was the eldest of four sons born to duke Georg (1583-1641) of Brunswick - Lüneburg - Calenberg and Anna Eleonore of Hessen - Darmstadt (1601-1659).  Upon the death of his father, Christian inherited the Duchy of Brunswick - Lüneburg - Calenberg (Hanover) in 1641.  In 1648 he inherited the duchy of Brunswick - Lüneburg - Celle from his uncle Friedrich (1574-1648), and the Duchy of Brunswick - Lüneburg - Calenberg (Hanover) passed to his brother, Georg Wilhelm (1624-1705).

In 1653 Christian married (Sophie) Dorothea of Holstein - Glücksburg (1636-1689), but he died childless in 1665. Upon his death, Georg Wilhelm claimed the Duchy of Brunswick - Lüneburg - Celle, and Brunswick - Lüneburg - Calenberg (Hanover) passed to the third eldest son, Johann Friedrich (1625-1679).  Upon Johann Friedrich's death in 1679, the Duchy of Brunswick - Lüneburg - Calenberg (Hanover) passed in turn to the youngest son, Ernst August (1629-1698).


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