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German Rheinland-pfalz,

ninth largest Land (state) of Germany, situated in the southwestern portion of the country and bordered by France, Luxembourg, and Belgium (south and west) and by the Länder (states) of North Rhine-Westphalia (north), Hesse and Baden-Württemberg (east), and Saarland (southwest). It has had a long history of division and possession by foreign powers. The modern state was created only after World War II. Its southwestern portion was formerly part of the Rhenish Palatinate, hence the name Rhineland-Palatinate. Industry has overtaken agriculture as the primary wage earner in the Land, and trade links with the rest of Germany have been forged and strengthened. The Land covers 7,664 square miles (19,849 square km). Its capital is Mainz, one of the oldest German cities.

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