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Maria Theresa

Archduchess of Austria (1740-1780)
Queen of Hungary and Bohemia (1740-1780)
Empress of the Holy Roman Empire (1745-1765)

born May 13, 1717, Vienna
died Nov. 29, 1780, Vienna

German Maria Theresia

archduchess of Austria and queen of Hungary and Bohemia (1740-80), wife and empress of the Holy Roman emperor Francis I. (1708-1765) (reigned 1745-65), and mother of the Holy Roman emperor Joseph II. (1741-1790) (reigned 1765-90). Upon her accession, the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1749) erupted, challenging her inheritance of the Habsburg lands. This contest with Prussia was followed by two more, the Seven Years' War (1756-63) and the War of the Bavarian Succession (1778-1779), which further checked Austrian power.

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