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Regierungsbezirk (administrative district), southeastern Lower Saxony Land (state), northern Germany. Braunschweig is bordered by Saxony-Anhalt Land to the east, Hesse Land to the south, and the Regierungsbezirke of Hannover (Hanover) to the west and Lüneburg to the northwest. The district occupies an area of 3,125 square miles (8,093 square km) and is coextensive with portions of the former German state of Hanover and the larger historic region of Saxony. Its present boundaries were created by an administrative reorganization in 1977 merging the former territories of Braunschweig Verwaltungsbezirk, southeastern Hildesheim Regierungsbezirk, and a small part of Lüneburg Regierungsbezirk. Braunschweig Regierungsbezirk takes its name from that of the largest city and administrative seat of the district.

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